QtRPT and QtRptDesigner
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Version 2.0.1
Programmer: Aleksey Osipov
Web-site: http://www.aliks-os.tk
Email: aliks-os@ukr.net
Address in Facebook https://www.facebook.com/qtrpt

QtRPT is the easy-to-use print report engine written in C++ QtToolkit. It allows combining several reports in one XML file. For separately taken field, you can specify some condition depending on which this field will display in different font and background color, etc. The project consists of two parts: report library QtRPT and report designer application QtRptDesigner. Report file is a file in XML format. The report designer makes easy to create report XML file. Thanks to Qt library, our project can be used in programs for work in the operating systems Windows, Linux, MacOS


  • Supported output formats: Printer, PDF, HTML
  • Universal type of data source
  • SQL data source
  • Visual modeling of SQL query
  • Report elements: Label field, Images, Diagram
  • Parameters from application side
  • Several reports together
  • Page header/footer
  • Report page/header
  • Data band
  • Data grouping
  • Group header/footer
  • Aggregate functions: AVG, SUM, COUNT
  • Mathematic functions
  • Highlighting of the fields by login conditions
  • Show/hide fields by logic conditions
  • System variables
  • Images: static or from application side
  • Diagrams with manual data or with aggregate functions
  • Figure and line drawing
  • Barcode printing
  • Rich text fields
  • Full control of report building from user application
  • Pure Qt4/Qt5 code
  • And much moreā€¦




To develop and support the project your donations are welcome. To make donation please contact with me by email: aliks-os@ukr.net
Accepted donation via Skrill system.

Thanks for donation

  • Sailendram

Thanks for help in project developing

  • Lukas Lalinsky for DBmodel
  • Norbert Schlia for help in developing
  • Muhammad Bashir Al-Noimi for Arabic translation
  • Luis Brochado for Portuguese translation
  • Li Wei for Chinese translation
  • Laurent Guilbert for French translation
  • David Heremans for Dutch translation
  • Mirko Marx for German translation
  • Manuel Soriano for Spanish translation
  • Bagavathikumar Ramakrishnan for Tamil translation
  • Giulio Macchieraldo for Italian translation
  • Mohamed Glaiow for NumberToWorld function for Arabic