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New Project
Russian invaders


For a long time the QtRPT project is distributed under the LGPL license. This license allows you to dynamically link with your source code. In order to facilitate the user to use QtRPT and allow to produce statically linking, I decided to change the Apache 2.0 license.

License Apache 2.0 more permissive compared to LGPL, I hope that the transition will not create problems for you.

Please note that QtRPT to generate bar code uses the Zint library, which is distributed under license GPL, in this case, you must use your project is also under this license or disable the use of the Zint library.



QtRptDocument is library which allows to present the document as it looks in paper form. The user can fill it with data / save / print. If necessary, the user can cause the built-in designer and make changes in design of the document. Besides the document supports connection of the user objects / dialogue windows/variables. The document use the built-in scripting language QtScript, which allows the programmers not a feather compiling the main project, to change business logic of the document. When creating complex applications, it isn't always possible to implement all the functionality that users might want. Scriptable applications make it easier to support customers. Technical support staff can implement bug workarounds and additional functionality specific to a particular customer or market. The document to be stored in a type of the UI file that allows to make its editing by means of QtDesigner.

The alfa version is published at QtRtpDocument


Intention about start of the new project

Imagine, in your client-server program more than 50 forms which are documents. There are a plenty clients in your network. These documents, can periodically change the appearance because of change of the legislation of the country. The business logic of these documents, can also be changed. To store these forms, in the binary file and every time it to rebuild? Silly! Is a one way is a using UI files which are loaded into the program when the user opens the document. Great. How to be when the administrator of the project needs to edit appearance of the document? He has to start QtDesigner to make changes in a form. Well, and how to be about business logic? How to connect elements on a form with functionality of the program? In this case QtScript can come to the rescue. How to be in this case? To do the certain editor for a script or to use Notepad? Then it turns out that for each document we have to have two files: one for a form and one for business logic. Besides there is a complexity at the Administrator in control and maintenance. The illogicality and inexpediency of such direction follows.

The purpose of future project to overcome the above problems and to create the designer of forms (document). This designer will be built in your program and to open in it at desire of the administrator. The administrator will have an opportunity to switch between the designer of the document and the editor of a script. The script will process business logic of elements of a form. Thus the script won't be stored in the separate file. It will be stored in the same file, as a form. And now present that you have a third-party developer who developed for you the document and transferred to you the UI file created in standard QtDesigner. Our designer opens it and works with it without problems, the only thing that you will need to add only the script realizing business logic.


Russian invaders

Because of military aggression of Russia in Ukraine, the QtRPT project doesn’t give any consulting help to the users living in Russia.

And also we doesn’t accept any councils and recommendations from Russian users.

Any cooperation with the Russian users will be resumed only after a full conclusion of the troops from Ukraine and Crimea liberation.

QtRPT team